Committed to supporting you on your parenting journey

Maternal Mental Health of East Texas exists to support your unique journey through parenthood, at all its phases.

We have a passion for creating brave spaces for parents to journey through parenthood and all its parts.

Does something feel off to you about pregnancy or postpartum, regardless of what others are telling you?

Has your pregnancy, birth or postpartum journey been complicated, high risk, or traumatic?

Are you struggling in your relationship with food and your body during pregnancy and postpartum?

If your family tree has many branches of poor body image, would you like to put an end to it?

Have you experienced church hurt or religious trauma?

If any of these questions remotely resonate with you, we’re here to help! Parenthood can be more difficult than any of us anticipate – and we don’t have to do it alone! We’re here to walk with you.

Melodye Phillips, LPC-S, PMH-C, CEDS

I have a passion for supporting moms, dads, and all birthing persons in all stages of their parenting journey. I love to help others process and move through trauma and offer support those that are struggling in their relationship with food and their body.

Individual Therapy

One to one sessions

Group Therapy

Therapy with others who can connect with you

LPC-A Supervision/Professional Consultation

Board approved supervision and professional consultations


You may feel nervous to trust someone that you don’t know with something as precious as your parenthood journey, your thoughts, your emotions and your heart around past trauma and your relationship with food and your body. You may be struggling to feel like it’s okay to get the help that you know in your gut you need. I’m here to tell you that YOU deserve to be cared for in a non-judgmental way.

It’s okay to be nervous and unsure, you can schedule a no pressure call with us today! We’re here for you..

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“One of the worst parts about the symptoms of postpartum depression and anxiety is that they don’t feel like symptoms.

They feel like who you are.

Karen Kleiman

The Art of Holding

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